Running on Rage.MP, we are a new GTA community that is focusing on “Heavy Roleplay”, providing a fun and unique roleplaying environment that will build lasting friendships and memories.
Heavy Roleplay
Build your character’s backstory and then make it come to life! On Vital RP, we will encourage immersive, detailed roleplay, using both Voice and Text, to make your character come alive, in realistic fashion that is true to your character’s origin story, and then let it grow and evolve. Realism is something that will be valued and rewarded in Vital RP!
Many Character Opportunities
You will have the opportunity to build a character that reflects many walks of life. Are you a Government employee managing and notarizing the many contracts made between players and businesses? Are you a business owner, trying to survive in the cutthroat corporate world? A Law Enforcement Officer, trying to keep the peace? A Judge, prosecutor, or lawyer, fighting for the citizens of Los Santos? Or a Doctor, medic, or firefighter, helping those in need of emergency services? Or maybe its the political life for you, and you plan to run for office!
The Darker Side of Los Santos
Not everyone walks the straight and narrow. Some of us are regular people, down on their luck, forced into the darker parts of society. Perhaps you and some like minded individuals have some up with a get-rich-quick scheme, and if a few people get hurt in the process, is it really your problem? Perhaps you and your group are ready for bigger things, putting the squeeze on businesses, or taking control of parts of the city for your own benefit! Criminals are a part of all cities, especially Los Santos!
Civilian Opportunities
Not everyone wants to jump in deep into a long storyline right away. There are many civilian jobs available for you: Delivery the mail, go fishing, or clean up the city as a garbage man. The city always needs electricians, or perhaps you would just like to deliver food for Uder Eats! You’ll always have something to do in Los Santos, especially if your wallet is a bit light.